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Caleb is from Detroit, Michigan, United States and is a member of Sea Scout Ship 1148 of the Great Lakes Field Council. He has been active in scouting for 11 years and has earned the rank of Apprentice and Eagle Scout. He will graduate in 2020 from Henry Ford College.

He is an Eagle Scout. He has been active in his Sea Scout Ship for over two years, and is a focused student working on becoming a paramedic.

He looks forward to racing in the Koch Cup to proudly represent his council, and family, and everyone who has had an impact in his scouting career. He desires to represent the people who have supported him in his efforts to learn to sail, a journey that started less than 2 years ago with his sea scout ship.

He has been sailing for he has been sailing for 2 years. He has raced on flying Scots, a Seidellman 299, and an Ericson 24. His last Race was the Motor City Regatta, on August 5, 2017. At Detroit Yacht Club in Detroit Michigan.

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