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Filip is from Turku, Finland and is a member of Sea Scout Ship Scoutkåren Pojkarna of the Finlands Svenska Scouter r.f. He has been active in scouting for 11 years and has earned the rank of Rover. He just graduated from Katedralskolan i Åbo.

His school is coming about nicely and he have gotten lots of good grades. In school he has taken a additional courses in German, physics, chemistry, math and social studies. He has also been participating in his schools team for a business competition. With his physics group he took part in an excursion to CERN.

He has now worked 4 summers as a sailing coach at his local sailing club and also participated in many courses in sailing and sea-life in general.

In scouting he is a group leader for younger scouts and participate in most of the camps.

He stated “I think that my interests would be a great match for this event and I think that we would make a really great team to sail against. Me and my teammate use most of our free-time in summer sailing and participating in all kinds of sailing competitions.”

I also think that my long background in scouting is a positive. In addition he have been interested in boats since he was a little kid.

He participated in the 2016 Koch Cup and he thinks it is one of the best experiences he has ever had and he feels it is a dream come true once again to participate.

He has been sailing for 10 years. In the summer months he participate almost every week in local competitions and about once a month in bigger nationwide competitions. He has raced in Optimist, Zoom8, Laser, 5.5m, 6mr and also in various other keel-boats and dinghies.

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