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João is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is a member of 123 GEMar Almirante Saldanha – Rio de Janeiro. He has been active in scouting for 10 years and has earned the rank of Senior. He just graduated from Professor Antônio Maria Teixeira.

He has earned 4 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals in 11 regattas and need awarded the Brazilian Caio Viana Martins Medal for Bravery for saving a drowning victim. He help build a Christmas tree with his troop made of recycled material, led his troop in an urban forest cleaning, 15 scout specialties level 3, Golden Cord, Sea Scout Insignia, Bronze medal on the Brazilian Mathematics Olympiad (OBM 2017).

He is the youngest most experienced sailor in his group and lead them in many sea scout activities proposed by his leaders. He is preparing himself to be a leader and the Sea Scout Cup will be a great opportunity to test and confirm his sea scout skills (nautical and others) that he has learned. His experience will impact other young people in his group, his neighborhood, his city and maybe his country. In a country where we still have important racial and social gaps, he will show that everyone can win and realize our dreams.

He has been sailing for 5 years. Started racing 2 years ago and participated in at least 11 races. He has sailed single sail and double sail boats: Escaler (scout boat), Laser, Microtonner 19, 420 Class, Brazilian Dingue, Ranger 22, Brasilia 32.

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