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Oscar is from Turku, Turku, Finland and is a member of Scoutkåren Pojkarna. He has been active in scouting for 3years and has earned the rank of Rover. He just graduated from Katedralskolan i Åbo.

He is a group leader in his scouting organization with his teammate Filip and their group consists of boys aging from 12-14. Other scouting- accomplishments include the last Koch Cup in which we finished third.

Highlights in his academic career include a school-business competition and a trip to Switzerland to visit CERN the European Organization for Nuclear Research. This trip was done as part of a physics course. He has also taken advanced studies in Math, Physics, English, German and Geography with good grades. His upcoming matriculation exam is also quite the highlight.

He us very interested in sail racing and his summers consist of working and competing. The 2016 Koch cup in Long Beach was one of the best things he has ever done, and he really looks forward to experience the competition and event once again. With the time and effort Oscar and his teammate have put in to practice sailing, he thinks that our team would have a chance to compete.

He has been sailing for 5 years weekly in local events (in the summer) and other nationwide competitions a few times per summer.

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