First Place Second Place
Max Katz-Christy and Thomas Cracium with Hugh Dougherty (judging) far left and Marshall Parsons (regatta chair) far right. Left to right:  Hugh Dougherty (judging), Andrew York (crew),  Robert Gustke (skipper) and Marshall Parsons (regatta chair).

Avery Point Campus in Groton, CT – The Sea Scout New England Flotilla Championships was conducted on July 28 to July 30, 2017 at University of Connecticut (UCONN) Avery Point Campus in Groton, CT.  The thought of cancelling he event was being considered going into the weekend due to the potential of gale force winds. However, the event was held with a hunch for better weather on Sunday.  Fortunately the storm stayed off coast for the most part.  There were nine teams competing and nine official races were held. All teams demonstrated Scout sportsmanship.


1 Skipper Katz-Christy Max 131 8
Crew Cracium Thomas 131
2 Skipper Gustke Robert 876 18
Crew York Andrew 876
3 Skipper Meyer Aiden 876 28
Crew Pyle Cooper 876
4 Skipper Cadematon Will 104 31
Crew Chuang Brennan 104
5 Skipper Henderson Emily 104 34
Crew Tudda Mike 104
6 Skipper LaRuffa Alexander 40 47
Crew Lomasney Meaghan 40
7 Skipper Crocker Charles 1909 56
Crew Sena Romulus 1909
8 Skipper Lisee Joseph 584 62
Crew Kerr Ethan 584
9 Skipper Fusaro Anthony 40 80
Crew Antel Mya 40