2018 Participating Countries

Possible countries to be represented by a team or serving on staff include the following:

Country:  Australia
Scout Organization:  The Scout Association of Australia 
Year Founded:  1908
2014 WOSM Membership:  68,350
Country:  Brazil
Scout Organization:  União dos Escoteiros do Brasil
Year Founded:  1910
2014 WOSM Membership:  69,924
Country:  Denmark
Scout Organization: Danske Baptisters Spejderkorps 
Year Founded:  1909
2014 WOSM Membership:  42,927
Country:  Finland
Scout Organization:  1910
Year Founded:  Suomen Partiolaiset – Finlands Scouter ry
2014 WOSM Membership:  52,565
Country:  Hong Kong
Scout Organization:  Scout Association of Hong Kong – 香港童軍總會
Year Founded:  1914
2014 WOSM Membership:  66,841
Country:  Ireland
Scout Organization: Gasóga na hÉireann (Scouting Ireland)
Year Founded:  1908
2014 WOSM Membership:  44,492
Country:  New Zealand
Scout Organization:  Scouts New Zealand
Year Founded:  1908
2014 WOSM Membership:  18,440
Country:  Poland
Scout Organization:  Związek Harcerstwa Polskiego (Scouts and Guides of Poland)
Year Founded:  1918
2014 WOSM Membership:  35,697
Country:  South Africa
Scout Organization:  Scouts South Africa
Year Founded:  1912
2014 WOSM Membership:  299,128
   Country:  United States
Scout Organization:  Boy Scouts of America
Year Founded:  1910
2013 WOSM Membership:  2,816,513