The William I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup is a biennial sailing regatta hosted by Sea Scouting. The Event was founded by Bill Koch in 2002 in order to allow Sea Scouts from around the world to compete. The original National Sea Scout Sailing Championship began in the 1930s but went dormant when Sea Scouts left the program to serve in World War II.

Today Sea Scouts from around the world are gathering for a week of friendly competition. Scouts from Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, and the United States are participating.

Teams qualify on the first few days of the cup. Sea Scouts in the top half of the fleet qualify for the Koch Fleet and the rest qualify for the Kiwi Fleet. The Kiwi Cup was donated by the Sea Scouts of New Zealand in 2000. It is an authentic Maori carved statue that is presented to the winners of the Kiwi Fleet.

2018 Galveston, TX
Sea Star Base Galveston

2016 Long Beach, – CA
Long Beach Yacht Club

2014 Long Beach, CA
Long Beach Yacht Club

2012 Vallejo, CA
California Maritime Academy

2010 New London, CT
United States Coast Guard Academy

2008 Annapolis, MD
United States Naval Academy

2006 Miami, FL
Coral Reef Yacht Club

2004 Buzzards Bay, MA
Massachusetts Maritime Academy

2002 Chicago, IL
Columbia Yacht Club