Frequently Asked Questions

4-Conduct (5)

You will be assigned to a specific room. Only persons assigned to that room are permitted in the room at any time. If you violate this rule you may be excluded from the event.

Category: 4-Conduct

You may not depart the event area or the housing area at any time without first receiving permission from the security Watch Officer. If you leave without permission you may be excluded from the event.   

Categories: 4-Conduct, 5-General

NO person, staff, participant, spectator, may be in possession of any illegal drugs, or alcohol during this event.  You may possess a small pocket knife or rigging knives. If you are required to take prescriptions drugs, this must be noted on your medical form and you must turn these drugs over to the event medical officer for administration.

Categories: 4-Conduct, 6-Spectators

No person may smoke on the grounds of the event at any time.

If you are an adult (21 years of age of older) and must smoke you must go on the public sidewalk outside Sea Star Base Galveston

Category: 4-Conduct

There are written rules for personal conduct. If you violate these rules you may be excluded from this event. There are also special rules regarding the way the races are conducted. The facility that hosts this event has special rules. It is your responsibility to know these rules and follow them. You will sign a copy of these rules during your registration process.

Category: 4-Conduct

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