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6-Spectators (3)

NO person, staff, participant, spectator, may be in possession of any illegal drugs, or alcohol during this event.  You may possess a small pocket knife or rigging knives. If you are required to take prescriptions drugs, this must be noted on your medical form and you must turn these drugs over to the event medical officer for administration.

Categories: 4-Conduct, 6-Spectators

Parents and guests may watch the races. There is good viewing from the shore. We also sometimes attempt to provide viewing from a boat on a space availability basis. You must sign up for this boat trip and there might be a fee.

Category: 6-Spectators
  • For the awards dinner, guests and parents may sign up to attend this event and must pay a fee. To sign up for the awards dinner, please contact the purser via e mail You are not registered to attend the awards dinner until you receive confirmation from the purser after the purser has received your reservations and fee.   Space is limited, so sign up early.  If you do not attend the awards dinner, you forfeit your fee.  Check the website for additional information.
  • Dress for the Award Dinner is semi-formal (Jacket and tie for gentlemen). For Sea Scouts and Sea Scout Leaders it is The Official Sea Scout uniform.  All US Sea Scout uniforms and insignia must meet standards exactly as set in the Sea Scout Manual.    For foreign scouts the dress is your official dress uniform. Uniforms will be inspected prior to the awards dinner.
Category: 6-Spectators

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