Frequently Asked Questions



WHO MAY ATTEND: Who may attend the Sea Scout Cup?

  1. US Sea Scouts- If you are a resident of the US, you must be an active and currently registered member of the Boy Scouts of America Sea Scout program and reached the rank of Apprentice prior to January 1, 2018. You must be at least 14 years of age and not reached your 21st birthday on the day the event begins. US Sea Scouts must attend a preliminary sailing event, and will be ranked in order of finish. After January 1st of the year of the event, any Sea Scout may apply even if that Sea Scout did not attend a preliminary sailing event, based on space available, provided an adult leader will certify that the applicant can safely operate a sailboat. There are only 40 teams selected.
  2. FOREIGN SEA SCOUT- If you are a registered member of a recognized WOSM Scouting organization, at least 14 years of age and not reached your 21st birthday on the day the event beings, you may attend. Some foreign Scouting organizations have special rules, so check locally on rules for attending this event. Also some foreign Scouting organizations hold preliminary sailing events to determine who may represent their respective country.
  3. STAFF- All staff must be currently registered as a Sea Scout or as a registered Sea Scout foreign or domestic adult leader. Please see registration requirements for staff. U.S. adult leaders must have completed “Youth Protection Training”.

REGISTRATION: How do I register? How do I know if my registration is complete and accepted?

  1. You must go on line to and fill in the participant registration or staff registration form on line, following the written instructions. First you must establish an account by providing a USER NAME and PASSWORD. Then you can return again and again to complete your registration form. You must make an entry on every single line. If something does not apply to you, simply enter NOT APPLY OR N/A. You must also enter a digital passport type photo on the web site and pay a registration fee. Once you have done all of this you will receive medical and other forms to sign and return by via e mail, mail or fax. Only then are you registered.  If in doubt about your registration status it is your responsibility to contact the Registrar via e-mail to determine your status. Please e mail the registrar at Your registration fee provides only a fraction of the cost of this event. DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION IS April 1, 2018.
  2. If you fail to complete your registration prior to the deadline listed above your registration will be cancelled and you may not attend this event. It is your responsibility to determine that you are completely registered, all forms are submitted, including a required medical form and that you are properly registered.
  3. Once you register you may withdraw up to 60 days from the beginning date of the event. You must advise the registrar via e mail and receive confirmation that the registrar will allow you to withdraw. If you furnish written notice prior to 60 days of the event you will receive a complete refund of your registration fee. After the 60 day deadline, refunds will be considered on a case by case basis.
  4. Not everyone will be accepted to participate as a race team or to serve on staff. You should be notified that you have been accepted or rejected. However please contact the registrar if you have not been notified at least 90 days prior to the event.

AIRPORT: What airport do I fly into and how do I get to the event via ground transport?

  1. This information will be available once a site is selected.   If you need further information please consult the web or contact the Registrar.

WHERE TO REPORT: Where do I report on the day the event starts?

This information will be available once a site is selected.

WHAT IS PROVIDED: What equipment, lodging etc. is provided?

  1. You must provide your own transport to and from the event location. Once you have registered and arrived at the event site you will be provided lodging, meals, boats for the race, regatta hat and shirt and all transport during the event. You must bring your own beach towel, and other bath towels. Beddings, sheets, pillows etc. will be provided. You also need a dress Sea Scout uniform and other specified equipment. See equipment list for this event for a more detailed list of what to bring.

ASSIGNMENT TO QUARTERS : Will I be assigned a room?

  1. You will be assigned to a specific room. Only persons assigned to that room are permitted in the room at any time. If you violate this rule you may be excluded from the event.

DEPARTING THE EVENT: Can I leave the event area or housing area and go into to town or visit friends in the area?

You may not depart the event area or the housing area at any time without first receiving permission from the security Watch Officer.  If you leave without permission you may be excluded from the event.  

LIFE JACKETS AND SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Can I bring my own personal life jacket? What other safety equipment is required?.

  1. You may bring your own personal life jacket, provided it is US Coast Guard approved type I, II, or III and not an inflatable type. If you are a foreign Sea Scout you must still have a US Coast Guard approved life jacket. If you do not bring a life jacket we will furnish a life jacket for you.
  2. Due to the increasing awareness of head injuries, we are requiring the wearing of protective gear at this event while racing. You will be furnished a helmet and must wear it at all times during the time you are on the water.

DRUG, TOBACCO, ALCOHOL AND WEAPONS: I am over 18 years of age. Can I possess tobacco and use it in designated areas? I am over 21 years of age, can I bring alcohol to this event?

NO person, staff or participant, may be in possession of any illegal drugs, tobacco or alcohol during this event. No person may smoke on the grounds of the event at any time. You may possess a small pocket knife or rigging knives. If you are required to take prescriptions drugs, this must be noted on you medical form and you must turn these drugs over to the event medical officer for administration. There is no smoking on the CSULB campus, the Scout Base or the Long Beach Yacht Club. If you are an adult and must smoke you must go on the public sidewalk outside the University, Scout Base or Yacht Club.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Is there some form of financial assistance available for Scouts that do not have enough financial resources to attend this event?

  1. Staff applicants are not eligible for financial assistance.
  2. For domestic and foreign Sea Scouts, financial assistance can provide up to ½ the cost of your airfare and your registration fee. You must apply for this financial aid prior to March 1, 2018.
  3. For further information and an application for financial assistance e mail

MEDICAL INSURANCE: Do I need my own medical insurance for this event?

  1. Please bring your own personal medical insurance card. We insure you during the event for medical emergency only. This does not provide you coverage while traveling to and from the event.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: Are there published rules of conduct, racing rules and institution rules of conduct?

  1. There are written rules for personal conduct. If you violate these rules you may be excluded from this event. There are also special rules regarding the way the races are conducted. The facility that hosts this event has special rules. It is your responsibility to know these rules and follow them. You will sign a copy of these rules during your registration process.

GUESTS AND PARENTS ATTENDING: Can parents and other guest attend and observe this event and also attend the awards dinner?

  1. Parents and guests may watch the races. There is good viewing from the shore. We also sometimes attempt to provide viewing from a boat on a space availability basis. You must sign up for this boat trip.
  2. There is no provision for allowing parents or guests to eat or to be housed at the venue facility. There is availability at hotels locally. The only adults that receive housing and meals are those who have applied for staff and been accepted to staff.
  3. For the awards dinner, guests and parents may sign up to attend this event and must pay a fee. To sign up for the awards dinner, please contact the purser via e mail You are not registered to attend the awards dinner until you receive confirmation from the purser that the purser has received your reservations and fee.   Space is limited, so sign up early. If you do not attend the awards dinner, you forfeit your $40.00 fee.
  4. Dress for the Award Dinner is semi-formal (Jacket and tie for gentlemen). For Sea Scouts and Sea Scout Leaders it is dress white uniform. In the alternative an official dress blue uniform may be worn by adult leaders only. All US Sea Scout uniforms and insignia must meet standards exactly as set in the Sea Scout Manual.    For foreign scouts the dress is your official dress uniform. Uniforms will be inspected prior to the awards dinner.

VEHICLES ON SITE: Can I drive my car on site and park on site?

  1.  This information will be available once a site is selected.

IDENTIFICATION: Do Scouts and adults attending this event need identification?

  1. All Sea Scouts and staff must have government issued picture identification on their person at all times. If you do not have a state issues driver’s license, you must contact your local state and obtain a personal identification card or a US Passport. School identifications cards are not acceptable forms of identification.
  2. If you are a foreign Sea Scout or Staff member, you must have your official passport issued by your country of origin. If you request, we will hold your passport until you depart for safe keeping.

HOUSING AND TRANSPORT BEFORE THE EVENT: Is there housing and transportation for Sea Scouts before the event?

  1. For Sea Scouts traveling from a great distance who require housing prior to the beginning of the event, we attempt to find housing before the event by contacting local Sea Scout parents. To obtain this special treatment you must apply well in advance If you need housing before the event, please contact the Registrar at
  2. We do not provide routine ground transport to the event from airports or from rail stations. That is your responsibility. We can provide you information about local ground transport.


STAFF VIEWING OF THE RACES: Can Staff view the races during the event?

  1. The primary responsibility of the staff is to support the event. Each staff member is given a specific assignment. Some are race course assignments; others are support, administrative, medical or security assignments. While we attempt to give you the assignment of your choice, there is no guarantee that you will be assigned a job with hours that allow you to see the races. However if you request to be assigned to security staff for the shift from midnight to 0800, you will most likely be successful.

OFFICIAL VEHICLE OPERATORS: I am driving an official vehicle for the event. As a staff member I am over 21 years of age and leave the event area at night. What are the rules about drinking alcohol off duty?

  1. No person may drink any alcoholic beverage within 24 hours of operating an official vehicle for this event.
  2. No person may drink an alcoholic beverage within 8 hours of going on duty for this event.
  3. No person may take any drugs of any type with or without a prescription that could impair that person in any way. If you have any doubt about any drugs you are taking please consult with the registrar prior to applying to attend this event, so we can obtain a professional medical opinion.