Galveston, TX — The Aggie Cup, a qualifier for the William I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup was held on September 23, 2017 at Sea Star Base Galveston on their fleet of FJ’s.  The weather was fair with winds from the SE at 12 to 16 knots.  Five races were held in the morning and four after lunch.  Crews changed boats after lunch and were allowed to discard their worst race.  The crew of Ship 1000’s Andrew Vandling and Issac Barkley took a decisive first place.  Crews put up their boats at about 1500 and trophies were awarded to the four highest scoring crews shortly after.
Place Position Last Name First Name Ship Name (Number) Points
1 Skipper Vandling Andrew 1000 11
Crew Barkley Issac 1000
2 Skipper Shaw Ryan 45 20
Crew Welch Kaitlynn 45
3 Skipper Sexton Simon 846 26
Crew Sexton Zander 846
4 Skipper Frank Jr. Jonathan 45 35
Crew Steber Bo 45
5 Skipper Garcia Esteban 45 43
Crew Steber Amber 45
6 Skipper Lopez Fabio 208 56
Crew Macias 208
7 Skipper Lopez Emma Lee 208 66
Crew Gifford 208
8 Skipper Cushman Savannah 208 69
Crew Smith Smith 208