Winner’s Circle

Year Location Host Winner of Koch Cup Winner of Kiwi Cup
2002 Chicago, IL Columbia Yacht Club United States Thomas Hartman and Trevor Gurley United States P Cotera and J Cotera
2004 Buzzards Bay, MA Massachusetts Maritime Academy United States Trevor Gurley and Corey Kemp Norway Erling Guderud and Siri Neslein
2006 Miami, FL Coral Reef Yacht Club United States Corey Kemp and John Harada United States Andrew Scheuermann and Danielle Meeker
2008 Annapolis, MD United States Naval Academy United States Patrick Arlington United States Eric Johnson and Levi White
2010 New London, CT United States Coast Guard Academy[9] United States Cody Stansky and Andrew Britton United States Barchan Rodgers and Abby King
2012 Vallejo, CA California Maritime Academy[12] United States Jack Donnell and Brooke Stinson United States Mathew Rozario and Colin Bartels
2014 Long Beach, CA Long Beach Yacht Club[15] United States Ben Brough and Laura Roudebush United States Andrew Berkowitz and Isabella Rudrow
2016 Long Beach, CA Long Beach Yacht Club New Zealand Nicholas Gardiner and Nicholas Williams United States Teagan Foley and Mick Foley
2018 Galveston, TX Sea Star Base Galveston United States Max Katz-Christy and Thomas Craciun United States Robert Gustke and Andrew York
2020 Galveston, TX