Koch National Invitational 2022

July 15-17, 2022, Boston, MA
Sea Scout racing teams from all over the United States will compete in this first-ever national Sea Scout regatta sponsored by the organizers of the prestigious William I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup. We invite you to join us to sail, meet new friends and enjoy a wonderful adventure.


Why the “Koch National Invitational”?

 The board of directors and staff of the William I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup Association, Inc. (“WIK”) endeavor to promote safe and fun Scouting regatta experiences.  As detailed below, local and worldwide events over the past year have complicated our efforts to promote and host a safe and fun Scout regatta experience. 

Continuing Pandemic Challenges

The Koch Cup endeavors to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere for all of our participants and staff.  The uncertainty surrounding the worldwide pandemic continues to cause us to carefully evaluate these needs and risks in our program.

International Unrest

The Koch Cup has always been an international Scouting regatta committed to providing opportunities to Scouts worldwide to gather and compete. The ongoing situation in the Ukraine has led us to consider how it may ill-affect participation by some of our international Scouting partners. 

Venue Challenges

Selecting a venue that meets the needs of our guests and staff is a complicated process that requires time and diligence.  Koch Cup 2022 efforts were further hampered when our selected venue at Galveston, TX shuttered its operations this year. We initiated a search for a new venue to accommodate our specific needs and soon discovered that a combination of continuing concerns over the worldwide pandemic combined with short-notice (most venues are booked years in advance) made it impossible to secure a venue for Koch Cup 2022. 

Interim Event

During these trying times we feel it would be irresponsible for us to ask our international Scouting friends to commit to an event that may include any risk to their health or safety, or that may interfere with their efforts to support friends, family or refugees during these trying times. We have decided to further postpone Koch Cup 2022 that had been rescheduled to be held this summer.

We are appreciative of the remarkable efforts of the Scouts who have diligently prepared and patiently awaited the postponed Koch Cup event.  We feel it would be unfair to all of them to further postpone the event without recognition of their efforts.  The WIK directors and staff have organized the Koch National Invitational regatta as an interim event to recognize their outstanding efforts and to give all of us an opportunity to enjoy the fun, fellowship and regatta competition we are missing.  We are grateful to our friends at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for extending a short-notice invitation to host our event.

The 10th Biennial W.I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup

Plans continue to move forward to host the Koch Cup in the near future including regular U.S. qualifiers.  We will publish further information at www.seascoutcup.org. Thank you for your continued support and patience.


Resources for Participants

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The W.I. Koch Sea Scout Cup Association ("WIK") seeks first to provide a safe and fun Scouting regatta experience for all of our staff and participants.  The continuing uncertainty surrounding the worldwide pandemic has caused all of us to carefully evaluate and...

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